Quality Policy


PARKWAY INTERNATIONAL CONTRACTING L.L.C shall steadily and unrelentingly endeavor to provide effective and timely plan so as to achieve total customer satisfaction on every project. We shall continuously upgrade our service quality, communication facilities and enhance our professional skills to meet customer requirements efficiently. We shall constantly adapt, innovate and refine our processes in line with global business trends and construction industry norms to maintain credibility and leadership and excellence in our field. We commit ourselves to principles of professionalism, transparency and faithfulness towards the promotion and growth of our business and our relationships at all levels. PARKWAY INTERNATIONAL CONTRACTING are committed to the realization and implementation of security, safety and welfare of its Client, business partners and staff.

We are conscientiously obliged to conform with all relevant Statutory Provisions and Requirements and Approved Codes of Practice and Ethics. We will also perform our operations within the established time framework and in accordance with quality management system that meets the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

Our quality management system stems from our quality oriented vision and is predicated upon the following intrinsic principles:

1. We peruse our customers’ requirements, develop an individual service and work plans based on their needs and seek to surpassingly meet their expectations.
2. We have established our vision for the company growth and expansion and clearly communicated our strategy and our long term policy to our staff and stakeholders.
3. Our leadership paradigm and policy, through all levels of management, will be congruent with our values.
4. We encourage all our staff and employees to act in accordance with our values. We involve them in our development, value their knowledge and experience, recognize their contribution and provide an environment in which they can enhance their performance and attain their full potential and ambitions.
5. We develop strategic alliances and partnership with our suppliers and work with them to deliver mutually beneficial improvements in performance.
6. We take a process approach to the manner we work and view our business as a system of interconnected processes that are amalgamated and orchestrated to attain and deliver our business objectives.
7. We continually improve our business by establishing an environment that encourages continually increased efficiency and effectiveness in our products, services and business processes.