Parkway Katilink Structure Steel


Parkway Katilink Structure Steel

Katilink Parkway Metals & Joinery Industries was established in 1998 headquartered in Al Quoz Industrial 4 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Its conceptual and eventual operation was started incorporating the modern machineries, equipment and tools including a full team of professional workforce with years of experience in their respective areas of specialization.

 Katilink Parkway Metals & Joinery Industries is totally involved in the sub-contracting of design, fabrication and installation of different types of steel structures such as buildings, warehouses, platform, equipment support and others which can be used for commercial, industrial and any other purposes. We can also do different types of miscellaneous steel to complement our main structures such as ladders, staircases, caged ladders, handrail and others. We supply, design, fabricate and fix different types of flooring systems such as grating, decking, chequered plates and other types as long as it is made of steel. We are committed and flexible to provide any needs of our different clients.

 Katilink Parkway Metals & Joinery Industries offers Pre-Engineered Buildings System which is the finest and fastest option for modern industrial construction. The concept is designed to provide a complete building envelope system consisting of primary members, secondary members, roof decking, wall cladding and other optional structural and non-structural components, namely, fabricated doors & windows, Louvers, skylights, wall lights, turbo vents, ridge ventilators, fascia’s, canopies, crane systems, insulation etc.

 The Management, Staff and workforce with their excellent experience, committed to offer the best service with high quality.  To exceed always the client’s expectations In terms of product quality, project executions, delivery schedule and completion date.

 We design, select the best materials, procure from best suppliers, manufacture with the best quality, and deliver on schedule and installation as per the method statements and safety procedures.

Our Mission

Katilink Parkway Metals &Joinery Industries LLC is to be able to provide the highest-quality end products and services to our clients.


The continuous improvement of processes and equipment, the permanent training of our staff, their competence and engagement, the open-mindedness to innovative ideas are the key to our success, the basis of our quality consciousness and of our management philosophy.

Our Vision

Our visions reflect our capabilities and aspirations in preserving our leadership in the field of steel structure subcontracting and outstanding quality through exceptional craftsmanship and continuous determination.  Our future lies in continually reinforcing the value proposition we offer to our customers and the commitments we've made to our coworkers, the environment and the communities.

Our Services

Hot Rolled Steel Structure Frame

Hot Rolled Steel Frames are being used for larger clear spans or taller buildings, and particularly where the frame is required to carry additional loads, such as overhead cranes, etc. As Hot Rolled steel sections tend to be thicker, they are better suited for this purpose. Hot Rolled Steel Frames tend to lend themselves better to more bespoke building designs, something other than just square or rectangular.

Pre- Engineered Steel Structure Frame

A Pre-Engineered Metal Building (PEMB), is a building that includes a structural system that consists of rigid frames that are fabricated from plated steel and are often tapered to save weight. Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMB) are lighter than conventionally designed steel structures due to the efficient use of steel. There are several advantages for Pre Engineered Metal buildings as they save time and cost for construction. It requires low maintenance and provides endless and flexible design options, provides energy efficiency and they are strong and durable.

Steel Framed Sign Boards

One great way to advertise and show the potential of your construction is to use project signage for your construction site. You can use it to exhibit any kind of information you want to hasten the business. Steel framed Project sign boards come in a variety of forms and sizes. We can also use different materials and designs to emphasize the respectability of your construction or else and to deliver information to your audience in the most efficient way possible. We use only the most high-quality materials to produce our signage that can stand the test of weather and time.

Steel Framed Skylights

Steel framed Skylights define the greatest beauty in the architectural design of building envelopes. They make a prominent visual statement ensuring light and pleasant rooms. Steel framed skylight changes the aesthetics of the room and its atmosphere as well. It increases the amount of natural light in a room. They come in various shapes and sizes

Steel Framed Canopy

A canopy is one of the first things people see as they approach a building. It adds the architectural beauty of a building. Metal canopies improve the appearance of buildings. They create a more inviting atmosphere around your premises, as well as convey a sense of ambiance for commercial spaces.

Steel Framed Pergola

Steel Framed Pergolas have always added to the aesthetic beauty of properties and buildings. They are primarily for beautification and shading.  People are now choosing the modern steel pergolas for their stylish look, durability, and better longevity. It’s available in various shapes and sizes.

Steel Structure Framed Warehouses/Sheds

The steel structure framed warehouses/sheds have many obvious advantages like industrial advantages of energy-saving, environmental protection, and heat preservation. The steel structure warehouse generally adopts a light roof and wall structure. The unique ductility of the steel structure and the earthquake resistance also promote the steel structure to withstand the influence of the natural environment. Therefore, the steel structure used in the warehouse is undoubtedly the best choice because the steel structure warehouse is sufficient. 

Steel Framed Car Parking Shed

Steel framed Car parking sheds are a profound need for commercial as well as residential spaces and are the ideal products to protect your cars in extremely hot environments. The car parking shades are designed with the highest quality material that ensures durability and reliability for years.  The car parking shed size and design can vary according to the client's requirements.

Steel Truss And Beams

Truss and Beam are two different kinds of structural elements; however, based on the requirements such as the nature of the load, span, strength, space, material availability, etc., the selection of one over the other is totally acceptable. Truss elements are expected to withstand any kind of load and the age of the roof is increased as steel is a highly durable material and can bear high stress and pressure.

Steel Structure Spider

Spider glazing installed with the help of glass spider fitting has come up as an effective solution for exterior bolted glass assemblies. It provides support to high-end exterior glass structures. They are excellent for absorbing and distributing loads of the glass structure such as the dead weight of the glass, differential expansion due to temperature fluctuations, and wind loading. It has the advantages of flexibility, easy installation and maintenance,durability, and unobtrusive appearance