Parkway Mechanical Electrical Plumbing


Parkway Mechanical Electrical Plumbing

 We boast to be part of Parkway International Contracting LLC - Group of Companies.

Parkway MEP was established in the year 2005 almost concurrent with the foundation of Parkway to support the company in its E/M operations and managed in a very short time to undertake almost all E/M works and assignments in the company.

We are markedly contented with the performance of our team of high profile and experienced Engineers and staff as well as our skilled and professional laborers.
 Quality, attentive service and on-time delivery of projects are our company’s main and essential goals.

Our Mission

 Our company is committed to the establishment of long-term relationships with clients based on integrity, proactive performance, transparency, genuine values and mutual satisfaction.

We will continue to meet the expectation and changing needs of our clients through our Quality Management System and reliable services delivered by our competent and highly qualified staff and proficient Employees. 

Our Vision

MEP of Parkway International Contracting LLC acts as a partners with their clients to facilitate their projects according to their budgets and expectations

Indeed with our dedicated team, we strive to and aim at bring growth through our dedicated team of professional employees to secure sustainable growth and prosperity to our community maintaining highest quality MEP services standards and state of the art methodology in construction industry.

We endeavor our best to assist our clients in making their dreams become a reality within the most reasonable time and affordable cost.

Our Services

Fire Fighting

Shop drawing and Material approvals
Installing all kinds of Fire Fighting protection, splinter, FM 200, Foam protection & Hose Reel.
Coordination with authority until getting the civil Defense Certificate.
Testing and commissioning.
Operation & Maintenance Manual

Electrical work

Shop drawings & material approvals
Underground ductwork
Electrical containment
Installation of wirings, cables, light control
the system, lighting layout, and power layout.
Installation of MDB, SMDB, & DB’S
Wiring accessories
Testing & commissioning

Mechanical work

Shop drawings & material approvals
Cooling Equipments such as packaged Units, Chiller cooling Tower, AHU’S, DXUnits, FAHU & FCU, VRF…. etc.
Duct system and insulation
Duct supports and insulation
Chilled Water System.
Installation of Building Management systems such as VAV boxes, Control Panel, Motorized Dampers & As per project specifications
Adjusting and cleaning
Testing & commissioning

Plumbing work

Shop drawings & material approvals
Main drainage systems
Manhole as per standards
Chemical treatment
Greywater treatment plant
Water supply system including booster pumps, water heater or heating station center
The filtration system, sediment filter, multimedia filter & carbon filter.
Reverse osmosis plant.
Authority coordination to get final approval from Municipality.
Bathroom fixtures & accessories.
Testing & commissioning

Low current

Fire Alarm, Central Battery System & Audio-Visual System
Public address & music systems
Testing & commissioning

Infrastructure works

All related underground MEP works